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Calvary Lutheran Church - Homepage
Sharing God's Love and Word Within and Beyond Calvary

Welcome to Calvary Lutheran Church!

We want you to know how welcome you are at Calvary Lutheran Church. We are glad to see you worship with us at any time. If you have no church home in the area and would like to have one, we welcome you from whatever tradition you may have come. We invite you to explore our worship, our classes and whatever captures your imagination and need. Our mission as a congregation is to seek out, in order to share the good news of God with people, to nurture and equip our members to ministry and to serve the community and one another in Christ's name.

Calvary Lutheran is a safe place to ask questions and to live the questions of life that have no easy or 'pat' answers. We understand the life of faith to be a journey and we walk that journey with one another.  You are welcome among us. If you have any questions about our congregation, call our pastor, Pastor Paul Zwarich or the church secretary at 325-944-1116. God bless you in Christ Jesus through his holy spirit.



Children Sunday School 8:45am

Adult Sunday School 8:45 am

Worship w/Communion 10:00 am

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