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ELCA - Good Gifts

ELCA Good Gifts provides a way for Calvary Lutheran members to provide direct support for  the churchwide ministries of the ELCA, through personal gift-giving options that grow the church, fight hunger and transform lives. These gifts, starting at just $10, are meaningful gifts that really make a difference in the world and can be used for memorials or to honor friends and loved ones with gifts. 

Christmas Ornament Tree:  Traditionally, Calvary Lutheran places a Christmas Good Gifts tree in the Narthex, which becomes decorated by ornaments that members select to earmark their donation for Good Gifts.  Ornaments are in varying amounts with an amount and a purpose. Some examples: 3 Chicks, 2 School Fees and Uniforms for a Child, 1 Water Filter, or 1 Feed 50 People at a Soup Kitchen.

Noisy Bucket: The 4th Sunday of each month, the children in church make some noise by taking their buckets around the church for adults to fill with their accumulated spare change.  

Donations raised in 2020 from the Christmas Ornaments and Noisy Bucket together totaled $2,771.73 and were earmarked for the following ELCA Good Gifts:

1 Community Vegetable Garden             2 Bibles

1 School Supplies for a Child                 2 Water Filters

2 Feed 50 People at a Soup Kitchen      1 Piglet

2 Farming Field Schools                         1 Microloan

1 Fruit Tree Nursery                                 3 Chicks

7 Vaccinations for a Child                       2 Roosters

4 Shares of Water Well                            3 Honeybees

6 Fruit Seedlings                                     3 Blankets

1 Where Needed Most                             1 Goat

2 Farming Tools                                       1 Latrine

1 Feed Refugee Family for 1 Month

It's fun; it's great for children to see and participate in; and it helps ELCA fight world hunger.