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Pastor's Corner


Throughout the Biblical story we are told over and over again that God keeps creating something new. As we read the Bible we discover that the God who created the heavens and the earth continues to create something new out of the old, and that we are called to be a part of the creative process.

One of the ways that we have been created in the image of God is that God has given us the ability to create. We are not helpless creatures unable to take care of ourselves. God has provided us with a mind that thinks, an imagination that discovers, and a body that can physically do things. Even still we all need our Lord Jesus Christ because of our sinfulness.

As we celebrate the beginning of the New Year, I think most of us find that our New Year’s Eve celebration is indeed an odd celebration. We celebrate with parties and food, football and fireworks; yet what is there to celebrate???

The fact is we are another year older and time continues to march on. And so maybe we celebrate the New Year because deep down inside each of us we hope that the coming year will be different. We all have made mistakes during the past year and we all have things that we wish we could go back and do or say over again. For a few brief hours on New Year’s Eve we celebrate and try to fool ourselves that the New Year will be different.

But new isn’t easy. As we journey into the New Year we carry our old habits and our old behavior with us. 2019 may be a New Year, but we are the same old people that we were in 2018. Winston Churchill once said, “Sometimes we learn from history, but most of the time we just pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and go right on as we had before.”

It’s tough to be new. And yet, we have been blessed with the four Gospel accounts that tell us stories/actual accounts of people who were born again and made new after they had an encounter with Jesus. One minute these people were walking along down the same old road they had always traveled and then suddenly they were turned around and made new through their encounter with Jesus.

One of the promises of the Holy Spirit is that God makes all things new, even us. God’s creativity knows no bounds. We can be “born again.” We can be “made whole.” We can “start over.” Through God’s saving grace we can enjoy a New Year free from the sins we have committed in the past.

One of the verses of the Bible that I like to read at this time of the year is Joel 2:28. “I will pour My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old people shall dream dreams, and your young people shall see visions.” As God continues to change us, God also calls us to be a part of the creative process in the lives of others. And that truly is Good News for you and for me as we begin the year 2019.

Have A Very Blessed New Year!!!

Pastor Paul